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La ‘paranoica’ Emilia, si sa, è terra fertile e generosa. Quello che invece fino ad oggi non tutti sanno è che tra le diverse varietà biologiche che questa può offrire vi sono anche alcuni ‘funghi magici’ dalle proprietà nascoste.

Se siete curiosi di sperimentare i loro effetti sulla vostra psiche non dovete far altro che inforcare le vostre cuffie migliori e affidarvi completamente alle cure sciamaniche dei Mushrooms Project.

I Mushrooms Project, ovvero Giorgio Giri e Marco Lentano, sono dei veri maestri nell’arte di preparare misture psicotrope a base di balearic, deep house, disco e funk. Fedeli al sacro credo dello Slow Tempo sono in uscita in questi giorni con il loro primo album ‘Undregrass‘ edito per l’etichetta londinese Leng Records. Un piccolo grande capolavoro di fede e scienza.

Come sempre in certe occasioni non rimane altro da fare che alzare il volume e lasciarsi trasportare in questo viaggio allucinato scandito da 110 battute al minuto.

To record this podcast we have used just three turntables (no laptop or other digital supports), our four hands and, yes, some grass to smoke. That’s all! This is our equipment!

The first track “Hello Darling” is taken from our new and first album called “Undergrass”. We wanted to use the styles we like at the most, such as funk, old school, down-tempo and indie-rock … by mixing different styles there is the possibility to taste our mood just sitting down listening to the music.

[EN] The Po Valley in Italy, you know, is a fertile and generous land. Among the different organic varieties that this land has to offer there are also some ‘magic mushrooms’.

If you are curious to experience their effects, you have to get your best headphones on and put your trust in the shamanic care of Mushrooms Project.

Mushrooms Project (namely Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano) are masters in the art of preparing psychotropic mixtures based on balearic, deep house, disco and funk. The two are coming out these days with their first album called ‘Undregrass’ published by the London label Leng Records. A true masterpiece of faith and science!

As always, on some occasions there is nothing left to do but turn up the volume and get carried away in this hallucinatory journey at 110 beats per minute.


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[Release Date 21th May 2013]

Artwork by www.tomati-soup.com

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